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Page updated 18 September 2008

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Do try the Site Search link! In spite of the name, it is set up not only to search, but also which should help hand held users.

If you struggle with the Site Search and have checked through all the pages listed on the Site Map page, including the one for Frequently Asked Questions, and still can't find the information you need, then try browsing messages posted to the Support mail list, where there is also a search facility. There are a number of experienced Win32 and Hand Held users there who have answered many FAQs. Finally, try posting your question to the Support Team through the form below.

If you are a regular user of nPOPuk you may want to subscribe to one of the site's mail lists as items that appear on the Site News page are posted to the lists as the site is updated.

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There are two public mail lists concerning nPOPuk, both hosted by YahooGroups and so accessible via the web if required:

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This list is restricted to messages from this site announcing new versions of nPOPuk and significant changes to this site. No discussion or responses are allowed. Messages posted to this List are copied to the Support List so there is no need to join both.


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The Support List is intended to provide a support forum for users of nPOPuk on all platforms. Members of the development team monitor the list closely and users of hand held devices, in particular, will often find this list the quickest means of support. Messages posted to the Announcement List are copied to the Support List so there is no need to join both.

You'll be especially welcome if you have a "wish list" of features AND the programming skills to implement them.

The File Area associated with the Support List, is available to subscribers only and is where beta versions can be obtained for testing and the latest official releases of the program are first made available.

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